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The City of Antioch wants to do a better job protecting, maintaining and enhancing our quality of life. With the community’s help, we can reach our potential as a safe, clean, beautiful place to live.

As we look towards our 2018 City Council goal-setting and budget planning, the City would like to engage the community around the priorities you want us to address. That’s why the City conducted a Quality of Life Resident Survey in Fall of 2017. Some of the priorities identified by your neighbors were:

  • Ensuring water quality and safety
  • Maintaining Antioch’s financial stability
  • Maintaining 911 police response
  • Attracting and retaining local businesses
  • Maintaining local control over local needs
  • Restoring and maintaining the number of police officers patrolling City streets
  • Maintaining youth violence prevention programs

Please join the conversation TODAY. Please share what is important to you by completing our online community survey!