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  • Job Description

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  • Salary Schedule


Benefit Summary

  APOA -UNIT II Non-Sworn Benefit Summary, revised 4/2015.  
  APOA-Unit II Sworn Benefit Summary thru 8-31-16  
  City Council Benefit Summary 1-1-15 to 12-31-15  
  Confidential Employee Benefit Summary thru 9-30-16  
  Management Employees Benefit Summary thru 9-30-16  
  Operational Engrs Benefits to 9-30-14 rev 1-27-15  
  Police Management Benefit Summary thru 2-28-17  
  Public Employees Unit I thru 3-31-15 rev 1-30-15  
  Treatment Plant Unit III Benefit Sumary to 9-30-18  

Job Description

  -Agency Benchmark Matches  
  Accountant I  
  Accountant II  
  Accounting Technician  
  Accounting Technician - Conf  
  Administrative Analyst I  
  Administrative Analyst I - Exempt  
  Administrative Analyst I - Non-Exempt  
  Administrative Analyst II  
  Administrative Analyst II - Exempt  
  Administrative Analyst II - Non-Exempt  
  Administrative Analyst III  
  Administrative Analyst III - Exempt  
  Administrative Analyst III - Non-Exempt  
  Administrative Assistant I  
  Administrative Assistant II  
  Administrative Assistant III  
  Administrative Services Director  
  Animal Control Officer  
  Animal Services Supervisor  
  Aquatics Maintenance Worker I  
  Aquatics Maintenance Worker II  
  Assistant/Associate/Senior Public Works Technician  
  Assistant City Engineer  
  Assistant City Engineer II  
  Assistant City Manager  
  Assistant Planner  
  Associate Planner  
  Asst to the City Manager  
  Building Inspection Services Manager  
  Building Inspector I  
  Building Inspector II  
  Business License Representative  
  City Attorney  
  City Clerk  
  City Manager  
  City Treasurer  
  Code Enf-Asset Recov Coord  
  Code Enforcement Manager  
  Code Enforcement Officer  
  Collection Systems Supervisor  
  Collection Systems Supt  
  Collection Systems Worker I  
  Collection Systems Worker II  
  Community Development Dir  
  Community Services Officer  
  Computer Technician  
  Crime Analyst  
  Crime Data Technician  
  Cross-Connection Control Specialist I  
  Cross-Connection Control Specialist II  
  Customer Service Representative I  
  Customer Service Representative II  
  Deputy City Attorney  
  Deputy City Clerk  
  Deputy Dir of Public Works  
  Deputy Public Works Director II  
  Deputy Finance Director  
  Dev Services-Eng Tech (Assoc)  
  Dev Services-Eng Tech (Asst)  
  Dev Services-Eng Tech (Sr)  
  Economic Development Dir  
  Economic Development Program Manager  
  Engineer - Assistant  
  Engineer - Associate Civil  
  Equipment Mechanic I  
  Equipment Mechanic II  
  Equipment Operator  
  Executive Assistant  
  Facility Maintenance Worker I  
  Facility Maintenance Worker II  
  Finance Director  
  Finance Services Supervisor  
  Fleet Leadworker  
  Fleet Service Technician  
  General Laborer  
  GIS Coordinator  
  GIS Specialist  
  GIS Technician  
  Human Resources Analyst  
  Human Resources Director  
  Human Resources Technician  
  Information Sys Proj Mgr  
  Information Systems Director  
  Junior Engineer  
  Junior Planner  
  Laboratory Asst I  
  Laboratory Asst II  
  Landscape Maintenance Worker I  
  Landscape Maintenance Worker II  
  Lead Collections System Wkr  
  Lead Cross-Connection Control Specialist Worker  
  Lead Dispatcher  
  Lead Facility Maintenance Worker  
  Lead Landscape Maintenance Worker  
  Lead Police Records Tech  
  Lead Street Maintenance Worker  
  Lead Warehouse Worker  
  Lead Water Distribution Operator  
  Legal Secretary  
  Mail & Print Clerk  
  Marina Attendant  
  Marina Leadworker-Property Manager  
  Marina Maintenance Worker I  
  Marina Maintenance Worker II  
  Meter Service Worker  
  Network Administrator  
  Operations Supervisor  
  Parks & Recreation Director  
  Payroll Specialist  
  Police Captain  
  Police Chief  
  Police Communications Supv  
  Police Corporal  
  Police Dispatcher  
  Police Lieutenant  
  Police Officer  
  Police Records Supervisor  
  Police Records Technician  
  Police Sergeant  
  Police Trainee  
  Project Manager  
  Public Works Director  
  Public Works Dir-City Engineer  
  Public Works Inspector  
  Purchasing Assistant  
  Recreation Programs Coordinator  
  Recreation Services Manager  
  Recreation Specialist  
  Recreation Supervisor  
  Recycling Assistant  
  Senior Administrative Assistant  
  Senior Building Inspector  
  Senior Civil Engineer  
  Senior Computer Technician  
  Senior Executive Assistant  
  Senior Planner  
  Senior Public Works Inspector  
  Senior Traffic Engineer  
  Sewer Camera Truck Operator  
  Street Maintenance Worker I  
  Street Maintenance Worker II  
  Transportation Eng - Assist  
  Transportation Eng - Assoc  
  Transportation Eng - Junior  
  Warehouse Worker I  
  Warehouse Worker II  
  Water Distribution Operator I  
  Water Distribution Operator II  
  Water Distribution Superintendent  
  Water Distribution Supervisor  
  Water Quality Analyst  
  Water Treat Plant Operator  
  Water Treatment Instrument Tech I  
  Water Treatment Instrument Tech II  
  Water Treatment Maint Wkr I  
  Water Treatment Maint Wkr II  
  Water Treatment Maint Wkr III  
  Water Treatment Plant Superintendent  
  Water Treatment Plant Supervisor  
  Water Treatment Plant Trainee  


  Confidential Employees MOU 10-1-16 to 9-30-21  
  Management Employees MOU 10-1-16 to 9-30-21  
  Operating Engineers Local 3 MOU 10-1-16 to 9-30-21  
  Antioch Police Officers Association MOU 9-1-16 to 8-31-21  
  Antioch Police Sworn Management Association MOU 3-1-17 to 2-28-22  
  Antioch Public Works Employees Association MOU 4-1-17 to 5-31-22  
  Treatment Plant Employees' Assoc. MOU - UNIT III effective thru 9/30/2018.  

Salary Schedule

  Master Salary Schedule - Revised 2018-04-02