A N T I O C H  C I T Y  C O U N C I L


Council Chambers

Third and 'H' Streets


April 30, 2001

6:00- 8:00 P.M.  Closed Session

Notice of Opportunity to Address Council


The public has the opportunity to address the Council on each agenda item.  To address the Council, fill out a yellow Speaker Request form, available on each side of the entrance doors, and hand it to the City Attorney.  See the Speakers' Rules on the back of this Agenda.  Comments regarding matters not on this Agenda may be addressed during the "Public Comments" section.


6:00 P.M.       ROLL CALL for Closed Session


PUBLIC COMMENTS for Closed Session

CLOSED SESSIONCPUBLIC EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE EVALUATION.  City Manager.  This Closed Session is authorized by Government Code '54957.



The City Council meetings are accessible to those with disabilities.  Auxiliary aides will be made available for persons with hearing or vision disabilities upon request in advance at  (925) 779-7009 or TDD (925) 757-5946.