Meeting Minutes 

Regular Meeting
August 22, 2000

7:00 P.M., Council Chambers



  1. CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATOR – Agency Negotiator:  Yanie Chaumette.  Employee Organization:  AFSCME Unit 1.  This Closed Session is authorized by Government Code §54957.6.

  1. CONFERENCE WITH LEGAL COUNSEL – Anticipated Litigation. The City Council will discuss the initiation of litigation.  This Closed Session is authorized by Government Code §54956.9.

Mayor Rocha called the meeting to order at 7:17 P.M.


Reporting on the Closed Session, City Attorney Galstan stated Council Member Davis had been absent; those Council Members present voted unanimously against the City filing litigation against the County regarding the Urban Limit Line. 


City Manager Ramsey reported regarding the reconsideration of the City's layoff policy, stating the City would continue with the policy that the most qualified will be hired noting the individuals laid off at the end of July would be placed on the reinstatement list.  He further noted the layoffs would stand as decided and the employees had been previously notified.


Deputy City Clerk Chalk called the roll.


Present:  Council Members Freitas, Davis, Soliz, and Mayor Rocha




Mayor Pro Tem Davis led the Council and audience in the Pledge of Allegiance. 




Roger Henry, representing the Elderly Wish Foundation, announced a Golf Tournament

sponsored by the Elderly Wish Foundation on Saturday October 7, 2000 at the Roddy

Ranch Golf Club.  He provided a contact number for anyone wishing to sponsor or

participate in the event. 


Mayor Rocha announced Council Member Soliz would be roasted on August 24, 2000, at Tao San Jin Restaurant with funds going to the Elderly Wish Foundation and Bedford Center.  She reported Assembly Bill 2929 would be heard in the Senate on August 23, 2000 at 9:30 A.M. in Sacramento.  She announced there would be a rally concerning the BART issue at Los Medanos College on August 26, 2000 at 10:00 A.M.




Elvin Scott updated the City Council on his efforts to protect pension funds.

Jim Conley encouraged the community to attend the rally in support of Assembly Bill 2929 at Los Medanos College in Pittsburg on August 26, 2000 at 10:00 A.M.


Greg Feere, representing Contra Costa College Governing Board, presented information to the City Council regarding the Contra Costa College Bond and requested Council review and support the Bond Measure.


Council Member Soliz requested the Bond Measure be agendized for Council's



Jim Hicks stated he had been directed by the President of AFSCME to inform Council they would be writing a letter regarding the City's recent decision to lay off employees.  He requested the Council agendize this issue and work with AFSCME to resolve this issue.


Jaya Khalsa discussed the possibility of foot patrol police officers and ways to enhance

the Rivertown District.  


John Dalrymble, representing the Labor Council requested clarification regarding items to be discussed when the layoffs of the employees are agendized.  He stated he felt the City owed the employees restitution for loss of wages for not bringing this item forward in a timely way.


Following discussion Council agreed to hold an adjourned regular meeting on September 5, 2000 to discuss the labor issue.


City Attorney Galstan noted the Public Hearing would be held at 8:00 P.M.




Mayor Rocha gave a brief overview of the Ordinance, stating the committee has recommended a 2% increase. 

City Attorney Galstan presented the staff report dated August 16, 2000, recommending the Council: a) Introduce the Ordinance by title only; b) Introduce the Ordinance amending Section 2-1.206 of the Antioch Municipal Code dealing with Council Salaries. 


Brian Kalinowski voiced his support of the salary increase and expressed concern for the use of a subcommittee to make the decision.


On motion by Council Member Davis, seconded by Council Member Soliz, the Council

unanimously: a) Introduced the Ordinance by title only; b) Introduced the Ordinance

amending Section 2-1.206 of the Antioch Municipal Code dealing with Council Salaries; and c) Stipulated there would be only one (1) meeting a month of the Antioch Development Agency unless there was business to conduct.


City Manager Ramsey presented the staff report dated August 17, 2000 recommending approval of the Ordinance.


On motion by Council Member Freitas, seconded by Council Member Davis the Council

unanimously introduced the Ordinance by title only and introduced the Ordinance adding

Article 7, Section 2 of the Municipal Code to Chapter 1 of Title 2 to establish that the City Treasurer receive the same salary as designated for a member of the City Council as provided for in Section 2-1.206 of the Municipal Code and establishing that the City Clerk receive the salary that is set by City Council through Resolution or Motion. 

Mayor Rocha declared a recess at 7:55 P.M.,  the meeting reconvened at 8:06 P.M. with all Council Members present.


City Manager Ramsey introduced Antioch's Economic Development Director Eli Naffah and welcomed him to the City.


Mr. Naffah thanked Mr. Ramsey and stated he was looking forward to working with

everyone to make the City a better community.


Mayor Rocha encouraged Mr. Naffah to find ways to develop the City’s waterfront.




Deputy Director of Community Development Carniglia gave a brief overview of the

additional language modification in the Growth Rate Limitation Ordinance relating to FUA #2.  City Manager Ramsey clarified when the East Lone Tree Specific Plan was adopted it was with an understanding retail jobs would be included, adding it was staff's recommendation to adhere to and recognize the understanding of the Specific Plan Agreement.  Discussion ensued regarding the jobs created within the ELTSP reserved on priority basis for property owners with FUA #2 providing them the opportunity to make use of their infrastructure.


Mayor Rocha opened the public hearing.




Richard Loewke, Planning Consultant, stated he was available for any questions regarding the historic process in the East Lone Tree Specific planning area.




Terry Ramos gave a brief overview of the current housing permits within the City and

projection of the 500-unit cap for the future.  He was in support of the 500 units counting

as part of the existing permits.


Council Member Freitas clarified the Council could only control future growth, with the assumption that on December 31, 2002 the development agreements expire and therefore the City would have the option to reduce the projected growth with a housing limitation at that time.




Jean Kuberra stated she did not support this growth rate limitation Ordinance, noting it fails to address coordinating the proposed 500-unit housing cap with financial planning for streets, Highway 4, and schools.  She suggested using Measure "U" as a checklist for residential development to determine if the projects conform to the Measure.


Arne Simonson stated he did not support this item as an Urgency Ordinance.  He

expressed concern for the City's ability to legally enforce a living wage and the

requirement for residential developers to become involved in commercial development.

He urged the Council to follow the General Plan and vote against this Ordinance.


Brian Kalinowski stated he did not support an additional 500 units with the 4500 impeding entitlements and exemptions.  He noted retail jobs should not being included in a job development program. He urged the City to look into a large business park and to postpone the 500-unit cap until the existing entitlements had expired.


Don Yeo suggested urging the developers to exert their influence on policy makers for

transportation mitigation. He requested the Council extend the Measure to the election and allow the residents make the decision.


Jim Conley expressed his concern regarding the requirement that developers bring to

Antioch companies which provide minimum $12.00 per hour jobs, to the City.  He suggested mandating residential developers pool the money and enable the Council to provide incentives for commercial developers.


Roger Henry, representing the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County, stated they

oppose the Ordinance noting retail jobs paying less then $12.00 an hour without medical

benefits was not what was envisioned during the Measure " U" hearings.  He proposed the

Council implement Measure " U" in the spirit in which it was conceived.  He urged the

Council not to approve the proposed amended language to the Ordinance. 


Pat Laisar provided Council with written comment opposing the Urgency Ordinance.


Fran Vaughan stated he was opposed to the Ordinance, noting the job creation aspect did not provide for the existing entitlements. He further noted the Council had not addressed the needs of the Police Department and he did not support the exemption for multi-family dwellings, noting their impact on services was greater.  He urged the Council to address the needs of the City and have growth pay its own way.


Mayor Rocha closed public hearing.


Council Member Freitas discussed the Ordinance as previously adopted by Council and

the importance of the creation of jobs and an economic fee with the City using the revenues to provide for economic development.  He stated by the City passing this Ordinance there

would be a cap on residential development, a creation of jobs before housing and in

addition they are looking at increasing fees for the expansion of Highway 4 and the

extension of BART to East Contra Costa County. 



On motion by Council Member Freitas, seconded by Council Member Davis, the Council

unanimously approved the Ordinance as originally adopted.

City Attorney Galstan clarified for the speakers that the goal of this Ordinance is have the regulations in place temporarily while the City goes through the General Plan amendment process. 

Mayor Rocha declared a recess at 9:42 P.M. The meeting reconvened at 9:54 P.M. with all  members present with the exception of Council Member Soliz.  Council Member Soliz arrived at 9:56 P.M.


Mayor Rocha adjourned to the Antioch Development Agency.




Public Works Director Brandt presented the staff report dated August 14, 2000,

recommending the Agency receive and file this report, taking no action to revise current

policy on the use of apprentices for Agency projects.  He reviewed documents received

pertaining to the item from various agencies.




Don Yeo, Kevin Dayton, Arne Simonsen, Brian Kalinowski, John Robinson, and Pat Leiser spoke in opposition to the current policy noting it excluded programs with less than five years of graduates and they felt there were trained and skilled workers in both union and non-union sectors.  They urged the Council to turn down the proposal.




John Dalrymble, Greg Feere, Theresa Golden, Steve Umbernhower, Gary Canepa, Aram Hodess, Kelly Anschlitz, Ed McMunn, Reggie Moore, and Sue Fendley voiced their support of the policy stating they felt it was important to hire fully-trained, highly skilled apprentices for all construction, with the opportunity for youth in the community to gain skills.


Agency Chairman Rocha discussed the importance of apprenticeship programs to provide youth with training and opportunity for jobs in the trades.  She noted union and non-union sectors would qualify once they have five years of graduated apprentices. 


Agency Member Freitas stated this item was focused on redevelopment projects, requiring the City Council to appropriate funds.  He further noted this proposal would train a young worker and provide safety training with a prevailing wage job.


On motion by Agency Member Freitas, seconded by Agency Member Davis, the Agency approved the policy with the understanding the proponent and Council refine the wording as stipulated by the City Engineer.  The motion carried by the following vote:


AYES: Rocha, Freitas and Davis
NOES: None







Mayor Rocha requested a presentation on transportation for the City Council agenda.

Council Member Freitas stated the Contra Costa Transportation Authority would be willing to provide a presentation to the Antioch City Council.  Mayor Rocha requested City Manager Ramsey adendize this issue on a future agenda.




With no further business, Mayor Rocha adjourned the meeting at 10:56 P.M. to an adjourned regular meeting on September 5, 2000.


Respectfully Submitted: JANET CHALK, Deputy City Clerk