Meeting Minutes
July 1, 1999

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Pursuant to Government Code Section 54952.2, the City Council agenda for July 1, 1999 was posted on the door of the City Council Chambers, Third and "H" Streets on June 25, 1999.

Mayor Rocha called the meeting to order at 7:04 P.M.; City Clerk Martin called the roll.

Present: Council Members Soliz, Davis, Sudario and Mayor Rocha

Absent: Council Member Freitas (arrived at 7:06 P.M.)

Mayor Rocha requested permission from the Council to allow "Compy" Compomizzo to address the Council regarding the Antioch fishing pier. With Council permission, Mr. Compomizzo thanked several participants who had helped him in his efforts to garner money from the State of California for the purpose of dredging the river bottom around the Antioch fishing piers. City Manager Ramsey read a letter from Senator Rainey written to Mayor Rocha commending Mr. Compomizzo for his efforts in the funding of the pier dredging. Mayor Rocha thanked Mr. Compomizzo for his dedication to this project, and offered her congratulations on his success.


City Manager Ramsey briefly explained the agenda for the evening and presented the background of previous meetings on the subject of the Urban Limit Line.

Deputy Director of Community Development Carniglia gave the staff report dated June 22, 1999. Mr. Carniglia responded to several questions from Council Member Freitas regarding information contained in the staff report. Mr. Carniglia confirmed there would be a full EIR (Environmental Impact Report), adding it would not be mandatory for the County to respond to the EIR, and a funding mechanism would be created to preserve open space. Mr. Ramsey detailed the traffic problem as it related to the Alameda County side of Vasco Road and its relation to the effectiveness of the proposed bypass. There was discussion on several other issues including resource sharing, jobs before housing, and the Ginnochio property, which was not currently in the City’s Sphere of Influence. It was stated the property was clearly on the Antioch side of the mutually agreed upon boundary line.

One issue of discussion was whether or not to request the Roddy Ranch property be brought into the Antioch Sphere of Influence, which would require a motion by Council and then be sent to LAFCO for approval.

Council Member Soliz stated he wanted to clarify for the public exactly what was being responded to in this meeting. City Manager Ramsey stated Supervisor Canciamilla had not encouraged any city to increase their Urban Limit Line or Sphere of Influence. He further stated it would be detrimental to any city, including Antioch to stop looking at the possibilities of expanding their Urban Limit Lines. Mayor Rocha reiterated each city, including Antioch, was in charge of their own growth.

Mayor Rocha called for Public Comments.


Norma Hernandez urged Council to consider carefully any changes to the Urban Limit Line as it would change the jurisdiction of both the county and the city.

Jim Conley stated regional problem solving has been a key issue at these meetings for the past several months. He stated a housing rate of 600 or 700 a year was not excessive when looked at regionally, the problem was transportation. He felt mass transit was needed, along with the ability to influence those at the State level to impress upon them the need for help in updating an antiquated transit system.

Lucia Albers stated she was afraid her land would not be designated as open space between the cities. She stated she had a buyer for her land, however the buyer was told the line may be moved, severely dropping the value of her land.

Jean Kuberra stated she had attended the Measure "U" meetings and there had not been adequate public input. She stated she wanted to hear more from the Council on these issues.

John Hall stated a resolution passed in 1969 indicated the same boundary lines being considered today, and stated it was up to the citizens to determine growth inside those lines.

Discussion among Council Members reaffirmed several points mentioned earlier in the meeting such as: people want to control their own destiny; Antioch has always believed the Roddy Ranch and the property north of Balfour Road would become part of Antioch; Antioch is in need of economic development along with executive housing and the need to follow the Antioch General Plan.

City Attorney Galstan responded to questions by Council Member Sudario regarding the legality of action being taken at this meeting by stating the meeting had been properly agendized, and it was within the Council’s right to take action.

On a motion by Council Member Freitas, seconded by Council Member Soliz, the Council passed a motion stating all of Roddy Ranch would be included in the Urban Limit Line and eventually incorporated into the City limits and all of the Ginnochio property north of Balfour Road is to be included in the Urban Limit Line and eventually incorporated into the City limits. The motion passed by the following vote:

AYES: Freitas, Soliz, Davis, Mayor Rocha
NOES: Sudario

City Manager Ramsey asked Council to take action and provide clear direction regarding the nine objectives listed on Pages 5 and 6 of the staff report. Council engaged in a discussion of its responsibilities as an elective body to represent the citizens and their interests.


Jean Kuberra challenged the legality of the meeting stating the meeting was not listed as an "adjourned regular meeting" and stated it was not adjourned to July 1 from the meeting of June 22, 1999.

Roger Henry thanked the Council for the action they had taken. He stated it was important for Antioch to maintain control of its destiny, just as Brentwood had stated it would do.

Lucia Albers pointed out thousands of homes were being built along Highway 4 in other areas.

Allen Payton made several points including: Antioch should go to the end of its Sphere of Influence; Antioch was in need of upscale housing; and Antioch should not agree to anything on growth management without being guaranteed something in return with commitments from the State for Highway widening and a BART extension.

With not further comments, Mayor Rocha adjourned to meeting at 8:56 P.M. to the meeting of July 13, 1999.



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