Budget Work Session
Meeting Minutes
June 17, 1999

Mayor Rocha called the work session to order at 6:34 p.m.; City Clerk Martin called the roll.

Present: Council Member Davis, Soliz, Sudario, and Mayor Rocha

Council Member Freitas arrived at 6:46 p.m.

Mayor Pro Tem Davis led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.

City Manager Ramsey reviewed items discussed at the previous work session, outlined the presentation planned for the balance of the budget, and noted the current presentation would include the Capital Improvement Program and a review of the Master Fee Schedule.

Community Development Director Ward gave an overview of the Community Development budget.

Director of Economic Development Sainz presented highlights of 1998-99 budget year and the goals of the next fiscal year. She presented the City Council Members with CD-ROMS used to market Antioch. She noted efforts were underway to focus regionally to facilitate major development.

Financial Services Director Tasker summarized the funds with descriptions, estimated balances, revenues, expenses and the reserve increase and decrease for each. He noted the Prewett Park funds were being watched carefully to ensure that the park becomes self-supporting. He further noted the Antioch Development Agency fund for Redevelopment Area #1 is developing a large deficit and in five years the City would no longer be increasing that deficit.

Council Member Sudario stated she felt the City was living beyond its means by using the General Fund reserves. City Manager Ramsey stated the $248,000.00 General Fund reserve would be used to balance the General Fund expenditure and the City would end up with a $1.45-million balance in the General Fund. City Manager Ramsey reviewed the recommended additions to the Budget requested by the City Council. He noted the impacts of the positions to the General Fund reserves.

Following discussion the City Council stated their support of a Budget placeholder for the Joint City and Antioch School District Coordinator contingent on the School District=s participation. Council Member Sudario requested this position be a part-time position and stated the development community could provide the services of reviewing entitlements. Mayor Rocha stated the position could pay for itself if it included grant writing. The City Council was also in support of the Plan Checker/Building Inspector position, the Teen Coordinator position, as well as a placeholder for funds to hold a special election.

Public Works Director Brandt stated that while the two Assistant Engineer positions would be an asset to the Department, they were not a necessity at this time and he would prefer to wait until a funding source other than the General Fund could be found. Council Member Sudario agreed that she would like the Assistant Engineer positions pursued further but also felt a funding source other then the General Fund should be found.

Acting Police Chief Mark Moczulski gave an overview on the requirements of the newly adopted Hayden Bill and the potential impact on Animal Services.

In response to questions raised by the City Council, Captain Schwitters noted the kennel attendant turnover has dropped due to last year=s salary increase and added they recruit through the newspaper, schools and unemployment office. Lieutenant McConnell stated the average hold of adoptable animals at the Antioch Shelter was 15.8 days.

City Attorney Galstan informed Council the Hayden Bill would make public employees and shelters subject to potential penalties for noncompliance.

Mayor Rocha declared a recess at 8:50 p.m. The meeting reconvened at 9:00 p.m. with all members present.

Council Member Sudario announced the Budget would be on next week=s meeting agenda, stated she had a family situation and excused herself from the meeting.

Dot Campbell, representing Friends of Animal Services, requested the City Council=s help to keep the grant they have received. She discussed the need for the allotment of funds necessary for additional employees and dog runs.

Barbara Sobalvarro stated this was an opportunity for the shelter to go forward with their Animal Services program and requested Council=s support for the additional employees and kennels.

Jean Kuberra and Evie Viera also requested Council support Animal Services and their commitment to provide the animals with proper space and service.

City Manager Ramsey discussed the impact the requested service increases to the Animal Services operation would have on the Budget.

Following discussion Council made the following recommendations: increase kennel attendants from four to six; designate a placeholder for one full-time secretary with the understanding it was an Aas needed@ position, to comply with the Hayden Bill to be implemented at the discretion of the City Manager; proceed immediately with the contract professional; the one-time set up cost for a treatment area and supplies of $12,000.00 (capital and other expenses); and, a review of these issues at the first regular meeting in October.

The City Council supported the Historical Society=s request for relief from water service fees for the next year.

The City Council also supported a request from the Antioch Municipal Golf Course for a freeze on their water bill at an annual payment of $100,000 per year through the year 2002. This request was made to help facilitate an addition to the capitol facilities at the golf course. Council supported this request and noted at the end of the freeze there would be discussion on normalizing the water rates.

Public Works Director Brandt introduced the Capitol Improvement Program.

Ahmed Abu-Aly, Associate Civil Engineer, reviewed the projects within each of the specific areas for the Capitol Improvement Budget.

In response to the City Council=s concerns for road improvements, City Manager Ramsey stated they would have a study session on road improvement priorities with a specific review of the unfunded projects. The City Council requested adding to the Budget a placeholder funding on Carpenteria Drive for a traffic-calming device. The City Council agreed with staff that postponing the traffic signal at Delta Fair Boulevard and Belle Drive was warranted due to deficits in the traffic signal fund. Associate Civil Engineer Abu-Aly discussed the Planning Commission's review of the Capital Improvement Program noting the Planning Commission requested a flashing crosswalk in front of Antioch High School similar to the one in front of Deer Valley High School. Public Works Director Brandt did not feel a flashing crosswalk at this location would have the desired effect. The City Council agreed funding for the Community Center should be made a priority if the funds become available.

City Manager Ramsey introduced Acting Chief Building Inspector, Don Byrns.

The City Council approved the Master Fee Schedule based on Financial/Leisure Services Director Tasker=s confirmation that any increases were based on the current rate of inflation.

With no further business, Mayor Rocha adjourned the meeting at 10:19 p.m. to June 22, 1999.

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