Meeting Minutes
June 15, 1999

Pursuant to Government Code Section '54952.2, the City Council Agenda for June 15, 1999 was posted on the door of the City Council Chambers, Third and AH@ Streets on June 11,1999.

Mayor Rocha called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

Present: Council Members Soliz, Davis and Mayor Rocha.

Absent: Council Members Freitas and Sudario.

There being no public comments the Closed Session was adjourned to the Third Floor Conference Room.


That vacant City-owned property located southerly of Delta Fair Boulevard, westerly of the County Social Services Building, APN 074-080-032.

Negotiating Parties:
Owner:  City of Antioch; Potential Buyer:  Contra Costa County.

nder Negotiation: The instruction to negotiator will concern price of the property. This Closed Session is authorized by Government Code '54956.8.

Mayor Rocha called the meeting to order at 7:10 p.m., and Deputy City Clerk Chalk called the roll.

Present: Council Members Freitas, Soliz, Davis, Sudario, and Mayor Rocha

Mayor Rocha noted there was nothing to report from the Closed Session.


City Manager Ramsey acknowledged staff for their hard work in putting the Budget together. He gave a brief overview of the meeting itinerary and objectives, noting that there will be a Budget meeting on June 17 and also on June 22, at which time the adoption of the Budget is scheduled. He stated this is a $78.3 million budget, which is an increase of 12 2% over last year's budget, with the majority of the increase occurring within the Capital Outlay, Capital Projects and Services, and Supplies. He further stated the funds overall are financially secure, with the exception of the Antioch Development Agency fund which has experienced difficulty with a project. He discussed the General Fund, noting the city has had to use less of the reserve fund than originally expected, and he anticipates by the Fiscal Year 2000/2001 the city will not need to use the General Fund reserve. He pointed out the Budget as presented takes into consideration the priorities the City Council established at their goal setting workshop in February.

Director of Financial Services Tasker discussed the assumptions used in creating the budget, while giving an overview of Expenditures and Revenues broken down by Departments. He reviewed the terms and process of Transfers In and Out.

City Manager Ramsey, City Attorney Galstan, Deputy City Clerk Chalk, Director of Personnel/Assistant City Attorney Chaumette, and Director of Information Services Pavlicek gave brief budget presentations relating to their departments, discussing the functions of each department and outlining their objectives for the upcoming year.

Council Member Freitas suggested putting a placeholder for approximately $60,000 in the City Clerk's budget for the possibility of an election regarding the Renaissance Faire. City Manager Ramsey indicated the suggestion would be brought back at the next meeting.

Council Member Sudario questioned the Radio Communication in the Capital Project budget, inquiring if this is referring to the communication tower located in FUA #2. She felt the developers in FUA #2 were to pay for the tower, and suggested the $250,000 allocated could be used for other improvements or services. Director of Financial Services Tasker stated the Capital Projects in the General Fund will be discussed at a later time. City Manager Ramsey noted that staff has not yet presented that aspect of the Budget, and asked that Council hold its questions on the CIP until it is presented to Council at the next meeting. Council Member Sudario directed staff to look into the funding of the communication tower.

Council Member Freitas questioned the placement of the Civic Arts Program under the Director of Personnel. He felt it would be better situated in Leisure Services. He requested staff look into the matter.

Mayor Rocha declared a recess at 8:28 p.m. The meeting was reconvened at 8:40 p.m. with all members present.

Director of Financial Services Tasker gave a brief presentation discussing the non-departmental portion of the General Fund which includes the Senior Center, Leisure Service, Prewett Park, and Purchasing.

Dave Sanderson presented highlights for Community Services, Senior Bus Program, and Senior Program, outlining their functions and their objectives for the upcoming year. He noted the seniors support their Senior Program and work with an operating budget of nearly $80,000.

Lonnie Karste, former Recreation Services Manager, outlined the Leisure Services programs, noting the department incorporates seven different cost centers and offers 890 different programs. He discussed some of the new programs they are offering and outlined the objectives of the Leisure Services program.

Deputy Director of Leisure Services/Purchasing Agent Dave Wetmore outlined the objectives for the Print and Mail Services fund. He gave a brief explanation of the four different funds related to Prewett Park and noted the increase in attendance from previous years.

Director of Financial/Leisure Services Tasker highlighted areas of Financial Service consisting of the Water Department and Accounts Receivable. In response to Council inquiry, he noted reserve funds that are paid through building fees will pay for the Capital Improvement projects incorporated in the Budget and not the Water Fund.

Director of Public Works Brandt presented the Public Works Department Budget Summary, discussing their goals and objectives for the upcoming year. He gave a brief summary of the different departments that make up the Public Works Department, which include: Land Development, Maintenance Services, Parks and Landscaping Division, and Water Treatment Plant. Mr. Brandt discussed the staffing shortfalls occurring throughout the year and outlined some of the projects that have been completed or are currently underway. In response to Council Member Sudario, he indicated he does not feel water rates will be increased significantly, and the Water Treatment Plant expansion will be paid out of the development funds.

Acting Chief of Police Moczulski outlined the Police Departments Budget Summary. He gave an overview of the two divisions and the fourteen bureaus that make up the Police Department and their future objectives. He highlighted the accomplishments of the last year, noting the 5% decrease in Part 1 crimes in the last year, and a 21% decrease in Part 1 crimes over the last five years. He noted the Community-Policing Program has been expanded and all of the sworn officer positions have been filled for the first time in many years. Acting Chief Moczulski discussed Animal Services and the newly adopted Hayden Bill, along with the impacts the Bill may have on the program. He noted they are working with The Friends of Animal Services and stated their goal is to minimize and mitigate the requirements of the Hayden Bill.

Council expressed concern with meeting the requirements of the Hayden Bill. Acting Chief Moczulski noted he would provide Council with a copy of the Bill stating its exact requirements are unknown. He addressed the possible need for expansion of the facility or additional personnel with a pro-active program being developed. Council requested cost factors for the Bill.


Jim Conley, ARC representative, indicated agreement with the Friends of Animal Services. He felt Council should plan for a contingency and put a placeholder for funding and authorize the City Manger to hire staff if needed. He further suggested staff look into local veterinary schools that may be willing to volunteer services.

Barbara Sobalvarro, Friends of Animal Services, advised Council they are part of the Pet Rescue Project. She acknowledged the hard work of the Animal Shelter but noted the lack of staff at the facility. Mrs. Sobalvarro emphasized the need for one more full time kennel person and counter person along with a title change to Animal Care Technician. She urged Council to locate the funds for additional staff and suggested they look into a low-cost spay and neuter clinic.

Rusty Cuave, President for Friends of Animal Services, discussed the Hayden Bill, emphasizing the importance of increasing the number of adoptions. He stated the addition of an additional full time kennel person is critical to maintain sanitary conditions for the animals. He thanked the Police Department, noting with their help, they were able to bring animals from the shelter out into the community to seek adoption.

Jean Kuberra stated it is her understanding the Hayden Bill requires those animals kept after six days, regardless of health, be euthanized to make way for other animals. She requested the City Attorney research the Bill. She further stated the goals outlined in the Budget should be agendized for discussion by the community, and objected to language used in a summary describing the relationship between the City Council and its Commissions. City Manager Ramsey clarified that the Hayden Bill does not require healthy animals be euthanized six days after confinement.

Council Member Sudario requested the 18 objectives outlined in the Budget Message be agendized as separate items on the next agenda, as she felt they are part of the Budget and become policy.

Council Member Soliz felt the objectives outlined are not controversial, but are rational common sense statements that should be adopted along with the Budget. He did not want the items agendized.

Extensive discussion ensued regarding placement of the objectives on the agenda. Per Council inquiry, City Attorney Galstan stated it is legal for the Council to vote on whether or not to agendize an item.

Council Member Sudario motioned she will present a list of all objectives listed in the Budget Message she requests agendized for a future meeting. The motion was seconded by Council Member Freitas. The motion failed by the following vote:

AYES: Freitas, Sudario
NOES: Soliz, Davis, Rocha

Mayor Rocha called for additional Public Comments.

Jean Kuberra stated when the Budget is adopted the 18 objectives will become policy statements, and should be discussed beforehand by the public. She further noted she takes umbrage to Administrative and Legislative being combined, as she felt that they are distinctly different powers and responsibilities.

Barbara Sobalvarro suggested that the Animal Shelter begin allowing the public to use credit cards.

With no further business, Mayor Rocha adjourned the meeting at 10:13 p.m. to the next scheduled Budget Workshop on Thursday June 17, l999 at 6:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted:

JANET CHALK, Deputy City Clerk

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