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Antioch Water Department

Water is essential to California’s quality of life. Thank you to all the Antioch Water customers who have cut back their water usage in this time of drought and make efforts to conserve on a daily basis.

Please take the time to look over the drought and water service information included in this page. Additionally as a City of Antioch Water Customer, you are eligible for conservation programs offered by Contra Costa Water District. For more information about California’s water issues and offer suggestions to help us conserve visit

Current News:

Water bill inserts are now available online:





Please call our drought hotline, 925-779-6140, to report water waste.

On April 8, 2014, the City Council passed a resolution to address the current drought conditions and approved implementation of a 15% Voluntary Drought Management Program by placing certain restrictions on how water is to be used. The program is based on an overall 15% water reduction goal and targets a 25% reduction outdoors to achieve the overall 15% goal. On August 26, 2014, the City Council updated the Drought Management Plan to include the prohibited activities listed below. Residential customers can measure their usage against previous year’s consumption for the same period. Information is provided on monthly water bills.

City of Antioch Program

  • 15% voluntary water reduction goal
  • Focus on reduction of outside (irrigation) use
  • Reduce Sprinkler timer for significant water savings
  • Discourage outside watering of landscaping between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
  • Use of recycled water for dust control, where available
  • No increase in customer fees
  • Customer incentives and rebates available
  • Customers who reduce their usage will realize savings on their water bills.
  • Program compliance is voluntary and customers have the option to determine how best to implement reductions.

Prohibited Activities in Promotion of Water Conservation:

The City prohibits the following wasteful water practices. These restrictions are necessary to conserve water, prevent waste and unreasonable use of water; and will remain in place while the Program is in effect.

  • Using City furnished water for non-recirculating decorative fountains or filling decorative lakes or ponds.
  • Washing paved or other hard-surfaced areas, including sidewalks, walkways, driveways, patios, and parking areas with City furnished water.
  • Outside watering with City furnished water that results in flooding or runoff into a gutter, drain, patio, driveway, walkway or street.
  • Washing a vehicle, trailer or boat with City furnished water using a hose without an automatic shut off nozzle.

Good Drought Program Water Practices

To help our customers meet their conservation goals, additional information is available on CCWD’s home page at CCWD offers a variety of incentives and rebates to customers. The City of Antioch is a retail customer of CCWD, and Antioch residents are eligible to participate in these incentive programs. For more information, go to Examples include:

  • Free conservation site surveys
  • Rebates for water-efficient fixtures (high efficiency toilets and clothes washers; however toilet rebates will be eliminated December 2014).
  • Coupons for mulch for use in landscaping
  • Lawn to Garden: $1.00 per square foot of lawn replaced with water efficient landscaping (maximum rebate for single family is $1,000 and pre-approval is required before you start).
  • Coupons for carwashes using recycled water
  • Sign up for the Water Saver e-Newsletter at


Antioch Water Account Information

The City does require deposits on most accounts, both residential and commercial. These deposits are refundable upon termination of the account, less outstanding charges, or after 18 months of maintaining the account in good standing at which point the deposit will be credited to the account. Allow up to three weeks for deposit refunds.

Water service connections and/or disconnections will occur within two (2) business days but no more than two weeks in advance. We are unable to accommodate same day requests. There is no weekend or holiday service.

Payments for water service may be made at City Hall at the First Floor Customer Service Counter, at a conveniently located drive-up drop box located in the City Hall parking lot, or using our online payment service. Payments may be mailed to the City of Antioch, PO BOX 6015, Artesia, CA 90702-6015

To open an account, or to inquire on an account, or inquire about our online service, please call on our Customer Service Representatives at (925) 779-7060. We can also provide help on reading your meter or determining if you have a water leak.

Water rates and monthly maintenance charges are set annually by council action and are available in the City of Antioch Master Fee, which is available on the finance page of the City’s website, and at the Antioch Public Library.

Water Conservation:
Visit here for drought tips and water conservation programs for any season

Water Service:
Pay your bill, sign up or stop service or make other service inquiries here.

Water Treatment and Water Quality:
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Water Distribution:
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