Environment: Public Recycling Information

To encourage residents and visitors to recycle, The City of Antioch, with funding from the Department of Conservation, has provided recycling containers at the locations below. Click on the links below to see the recycling program at each location.

What goes in the Recycling?
You can recycle any beverage container with the California Redemption Value label. There are also other containers that can be recycled, including the following items:

  • Plastic bottles (water, soda, sports drink, etc.)
  • All plastic cups and tubs #1-7 (if there is a number in the recycling symbol on the bottom of the container, you can recycle it!)
  • Aluminum cans (soda, beer, etc.)
  • Bi-metal or steel cans (food cans, etc.)
  • Glass bottles& jars (soda, beer, etc.)

If you know of a park or other public venue that you think needs recycling, contact Julie Haas-Wajdowicz at at 779-7097 or via email at jhaaswajdowicz@ci.antioch.ca.us.

Lone Tree Golf Course
Lone Tree Golf course is one of the few golf courses in California that has a recycling container available at all of the 18 holes. This successful program diverts an average 2000lbs of recycled containers each month from Golfers who recycle while they play.
Recycling receptacles are attached to each ball washer on the course. There are also recycling receptacles throughout the clubhouse facilities and putting range. The beverage cart even has a spot for recycling!

City Parks
Each year, the City of Antioch plans to expand the list of parks that have recycling services available. We are currently trying different bins styles and programs to see what works best in Antioch Parks! Please use the recycling receptacles when you play at the following parks:

Community Park
Antioch Community Park promotes recycling by locating clearly marked recycling containers at every sports field, snack bar, picnic areas, parking lot and walking trail. A special container for cardboard only is provided for the staff that work the snack shack.

Marchetti Park
This neighborhood park takes the guesswork out of recycling with easily marked recycling/trash combination bins.

Prewett Water Park
You just can’t miss these stylish recycling containers that are located throughout the Water Park. The Staff at the water park redeem the recycling for their staff parties, so please help out the people who keep your pool time fun and safe!

City Buildings
Recycling is made easy for city workers as well as visitors with these sleek recycling containers located at all our City Facilities. We have paper, garbage and beverage container recycling receptacles in Council Chambers, City Hall, Nick Rodriguez Community Center and Senior Center, Police Department Lobby and Community Room. At the Senior Center, cans & bottles are redeemed to help fund the Senior Bus Program!


Partnership with other public places:

Sutter Delta
From beverage containers to paper recycling, Sutter Delta Hospital has made it easy for employees as well as visitors to recycle. Recycling is located in the waiting areas, as well as the cafeteria. Beverage container recycling receptacles are maroon & grey, while paper bins are blue or teal. There is even recycling in the Emergency Room, hope you are never there to use them!

Antioch Marina
Antioch Marina features beverage container recycling receptacles throughout the facility, as well as a Recycling Station where marina businesses and boaters can drop off mixed paper and beverage containers.

Antioch Marina also promotes used motor oil and filter recycling for boaters by providing an easy to use containment bin for safe recycling of motor oil and filters. Motor oil and filters cannot go in the dumpsters. Please place motor oil in screw top plastic jugs and filters in seable plastic bags into the grey metal container located next to the garbage enclosure by the gate to the docks.

Special Events

Almost all special events that happen in Antioch have recycling programs. Look for the big orange or yellow carts with the whole on the top. Make recycling a regular event at the following special events!

  • Rivertown Jamboree
  • 4th of July
  • Relay for Life
  • Delta Blues Festival

Sports Fields
Antioch Youth Sports Field joins the team spirit of recycling! The Orange event recycling carts really stand out making it easy for all ages to know where to recycle their beverage containers!

Most of the schools in the Antioch Unified School District have recycling programs on campus for paper. Antioch High School has taken it one step further! The AHS Environmental Club runs an on-campus recycling program for Cans & Plastic Bottles. Recycling Receptacles are located in the outdoor eating area of the cafeteria, outsides the boys gym and by the vending machines. Look for orange recycling carts at the football games and other special events. The Environmental Club uses the money from recycling the bottles and cans for some of their fieldtrips and activities. Show your Panther Pride and only put recycling in these special containers!

Rivertown Business District
When Rivertown business owners were surveyed on recycling, their number one response was “We need cardboard recycling!” The City of Antioch listened. The Rivertown business owners are now enthusiastically using the convenient drop off container for cardboard as well as the recycling station that accepts mixed paper, metal cans and glass and plastic bottles.