Green Building

Green building is a "Whole-Systems" approach for designing and constructing buildings that conserve energy, water, and material resources and are healthier, safer, and more comfortable.

In practical terms, green building includes:

  • Using sun & wind to the building's advantage for natural heating, cooling, & day lighting
  • Landscaping with native plants & using water efficiently
  • Building quality, durable structures
  • Insulating well & ventilating appropriately
  • Incorporating salvaged, recycled, & sustainably harvested materials
  • Maintaining healthy indoor air quality with appropriate building techniques & materials
  • Using energy-efficient, water-saving appliances & fixtures
  • Reducing & recycling construction waste

In 2008, California became the first state in the nation to adopt a statewide green building code. Commonly refered to as CalGreen, the state building code is regularly updated and adopted by the City of Antioch. Under the 2016 updates, the statewide minimums for construction and demolition recycling have been changed, requiring the City to update our Construction and Demolition Recycling Ordinance. As of January, 2017, a building project meeting any of the following thresholds are required to go through our Waste Management Plan process to prove that 65% of the debris generated is diverted from landfills:

  • All new structures
  • All permitted non-residential additions and alterations
  • Permitted residential additions or alterations that add to the conditioned area of the property
  • Demolition of any structure or portion of a structure larger than 120 square feet
For more information visit,

Visit California Green Building Standards Code to learn more about the 2016 changes to CAL Green


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