Antioch Municipal Marina

People working together, enthusiastically as a team, make our Marina a success.  We want you to be an active,enthusiastic member of the team.  We feel a personal responsibility for the welfare of all our people.  As the Marina prospers, the individual should prosper.





The good will that we have built as an organization within the community is not only based on our reputation for high quality, honesty, fair practices, and superior service, but also on the promptness, courtesy, and consideration that all of us show by our daily actions. Therefore, it is important that each of us continue to build this good will through prompt, efficient, and courteous attention to visitors, boaters, the public, fellow employees, telephone calls, and correspondence we have with others.

ANTIOCH MARINA has established and will maintain a reputation for high quality service, sincerity, and ethical conduct through its employees and in its business activities.

The office and fuel dock are open five days a week providing information regarding Marina operation, berth rental, fuel prices and information on Delta activities.


Monday – Friday Office Hours: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Berth rates:

- Open berths: $5.75 per foot per month.
- Covered berths: $7.25 per foot per month

Charges are for the length of the berth, or the length of the boat, all extensions included, whichever is greater.  The Marina requires a Security Deposit equal to one month's Berth Fee.

Overnight rates:

- Boats less than 35': $15.00
- Boats 35' to 49': $20.00
- Boats 50' and over: $25.00

Refundable Key Deposit: $20.00 per key.

Additional Information:

Overnight visitors and Yacht Club Cruises Welcome.
Radio for overnight accommodations. 

Rates and information subject to change.

The ANTIOCH MARINA is one mile north of the intersection of Hwy. 4 and “L” Street in downtown ANTIOCH. Highway 4 runs east and west and provides the primary main access to and from the Marina. Off-ramps at Autocenter Drive, “L” Street, and “A” Street all provide access to the Marina via Fourth and Second Streets and are clearly signed with directions to the Marina.

State Highway 242 and Interstate I-680 also provide important access to the Marina.  Interstate I-680 runs north from San Jose along the full length of the South and East Bay and provides access to Highway 4 from much of the Alameda, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz counties.  Highway 24 runs through the Oakland Hills and provides access to I-680 from Alameda County.


Development of the ANTIOCH MARINA began in 1986 and the Marina was completed in 1988.  The berths are on the east side of the Marina, with two gangways serving the six main walkways.  The size of the Marina basin confined within the sea walls is approximately 800 feet by 750 feet (12.8 acres), with an entrance 60 feet wide and a depth of 10 feet at zero tide.  There are no channels to be considered as the approach to the Marina is a natural shoreline gradient from approximately 68 feet depth in the center of the San Joaquin River.


The ANTIOCH MARINA is located on the south side of the San Joaquin River, east of the San Francisco Bay.  Owned and operated by the City of Antioch, the 310-berth public Marina is one of the newest in San Francisco Bay area, and is an attractive, multi-use facility that is home port for recreational power and sail boats.   Located in eastern Contra Costa County, the Marina is approximately 3 1/4 miles west of the Antioch Bridge.

Marina Services

10 foot average water depth.
20 and 30 AMP electrical service.
Ample parking close to berths.
Coin operated laundry facility.
Computerized locked security gates.
Easy boating access to Bay & Delta.
Fishing Piers and observation pier.
Free Waste Pumpout station.
Fuel Dock dispensing gas and diesel.
Grocery store within four blocks.
Guest dock and overnight berthing.
Locked berther’s restroom and showers.
Public restrooms.
Shore side parks and picnic areas.
Twin Rivers Marine Insurance Agency.
Wetlands preserve with bird watching.

Marina Staff

Rod Ullmann, Operations Supervisor
James Pflueger, Marina Leadworker
                              / Property Manager
Charlene Murietta, Marina Assistant


Antioch Municipal Marina


Antioch Marina
Foot of "L" Street
#5 Marina Plaza
Antioch, CA  94509-7905

   Tel (925) 779-6957
   Fax (925) 779-6854


What's New


Hours of Operation


Normal hours are Monday, Thursday and Friday 8 am to 4 pm / Saturday and Sunday 8 am to 5 pm

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