Frequently Asked Questions

How do I establish service for water?

Begin the process by contacting the Customer Service Department at (925) 779-7060. To open an account, or to inquire on an account, or inquire about our new online service.  We can also provide help on reading your meter or determining if you have a water leak. Water service for new accounts will occur the following business day but no more than two weeks in advance. We are unable to accommodate same day requests. There is no weekend or holiday service.

Is a deposit required to establish water service?

The City does require deposits on most accounts, both residential and commercial. These deposits are refundable upon termination of the account, less outstanding charges, or after 18 months of maintaining the account in good standing at which point the deposit will be credited to the account. Allow up to three weeks for deposit refunds.

When are the bills for water/sewer mailed and when are they due?

Water bills and monthly sewer maintenance charges are billed every month. Bills are mailed by cycle and are due upon receipt & delinquent after 15 days from the created date.

How do I make a water payment?

Payments for water service may be made at City Hall at the First Floor Customer Service Counter, at a conveniently located drive-up drop box located in the City Hall parking lot, or using our new online payment service. Payments may be mailed to the City of Antioch, P.O. Box 5007, Antioch, CA 94531-5007.

Can I have my payment automatically deducted from my checking account?

The City is currently working to offer this option for automatic payments via credit card or checking account. At this time it is not an available option.

How are water rates and monthly maintenance charges determined?

Water rates and monthly maintenance charges are set annually by council action and are available in the City of Antioch Master Fee, which may be purchased for $6 or may be found at the Antioch Public Library.

How do I establish service for garbage?

Contact Allied Waste Services at (925) 685-4711 or online at

Water Treatment Plant FAQs

The City of Antioch Water Treatment Plant produces and distributes water to all residents of Antioch. In 2013, over 6 billion gallons of water were treated and served through over 30,000 service connections. We maintain 12 storage reservoirs throughout the City, as well as numerous pumping stations to ensure sufficient pressure to all areas of the City.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive in our department.

Who operates the Antioch Water Treatment Plant?

Trained and certified operators, technicians, and supervisors staff the Water Treatment Plant. The State of California certifies through testing that the water treatment plant operators meet minimum education and training requirements. These requirements have become increasingly stringent over the past few years. In addition, chemists, microbiologists, and lab technicians who analyze the City’s water must pass proficiency tests on a regular basis. They must have a background in the environmental sciences and specialized training in water treatment.

Is Antioch's Water Safe to Drink?

Yes. The treated water delivered to our customers meets or exceeds all state and federal water quality regulations and is continually tested to assure its safety.
Each month, over 2000 analyses are performed throughout the treatment process and distribution system.

Are Bacteria Present in the Water?

All raw water sources, including our Delta water source, contain bacteria, most of which are not disease causing. The multi-barrier treatment and disinfection process at the Water Treatment Plant eliminates any potentially harmful bacteria. Samples are collected on a regular basis throughout our distribution system to ensure that no disease causing bacteria are present in the treated drinking water supply.

Test results for 2013 far exceeded the California Department of Public Health requirements.

Does the City Add Fluoride to the Water?

Yes, the water is fluoridated in accordance with Department of Health guidelines. The target level is 0.8 mg/L.

Is Our Water Hard?

Water hardness level is not a health issue, and therefore it is not regulated as a primary drinking water standard by the Department of Health or the EPA. However, water hardness makes cleaning tasks more difficult and can form scale in home water heaters and industrial boilers. On the other hand, soft water tends to be corrosive.
The American Water Works Association suggests an ideal hardness of 79mg/L. The average hardness of the water in our system during 2013 was 85 mg/L (5 grains/gallon).

Why Do I See City Employees Flushing Water From Fire Hydrants?

Flushing water through fire hydrants is a maintenance tool used to keep the water mains clean and free of sediment build up to improve the quality of the water delivered to our customers.

The City Water Department has developed a flushing program designed to periodically flush all areas of the system.

How Can I Learn More About my Drinking Water?

Each year since 1990 we have produced an Annual Water Quality Report for our customers. The report is mailed to all residents of Antioch by July 1st. It gives a great deal of valuable information about the water in our system. If you need additional copies, please phone our Water Quality Laboratory at (925) 779-7024. The report can also be found by clicking on this link:*AWQR.pdf


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