Traffic Unit

APD Traffic Unit

click to enlarge photoThe Antioch Police Department’s Traffic Unit is currently staffed by two full time police officers and one sergeant.Officers assigned to the department’s traffic unit have click to enlarge photospecialized training in the areas of collision investigation and reconstruction as well as traffic enforcement and the safe operation of a police motorcycle. The officers assigned to department’sTraffic Unit have utilized police motorcycles off and on since the late 1920’s.

Antioch Police officers assigned to the Field Services Division investigate most collisions that occur in the City, however, one of the functions of Traffic Unit is to investigate collisions where major injuries or death results.

click to enlarge photoThe ultimate goal of the Traffic Unit enforcement efforts is to reduce the number of traffic collisions.Traffic enforcement techniques are based on accident data, enforcement activity records, traffic volume, traffic conditions, and in response to traffic concerns of the to enlarge photo

The Antioch Police Department provides enforcement efforts toward violations, not only in proportion to the frequency of their occurrence in accident situations, but also in terms of traffic-related to enlarge photo

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