The Antioch Police Department Investigations Bureau is charged with the responsibility of investigating felony and misdemeanor crimes occurring within its jurisdiction. In addition, personnel assigned to the Bureau work closely with allied agencies to identify criminal suspects and crime trends. The Bureau is comprised of ten investigators and one sergeant.

The Bureau consists of two units. The Property Crimes unit is responsible for the investigations of crimes which include burglary, grand larceny, stolen property, vehicle theft, fraud/forgeries, identity theft and crime scene processing. The Persons Crimes unit is tasked with investigating assaults, robberies, homicides, sex crimes, juvenile/crimes against children, weapons violations and other types of crimes as deemed appropriate.


Information regarding California's registered sex offenders is maintained on a database, which can be viewed using the Megan's Law Web Application - read more here.

Identity Theft and Computer/Mail Fraud Schemes  
ID Theft Pamphlet  
ID Theft Victim Request for Information  
Office of the Attorney General - California Department of Justice  
Federal Trade Comssion-National Resource for ID Theft  
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse-ID Theft Resource Center  
United States Department of Justice-Information on ID Theft and Fraud  
Federal Trade Commission-Resource Guide for ID Theft  
Fight Identity Theft Center-Resources and news regarding ID Theft, Scams and Fraud  
Social Security Administration  
Misuse of your Social Security Number  
Detective Assignments      
Lieutenant                                             Lt. Bittner 925-779-6999
Sergeant                                               Sgt. Fortner 925-779-6942
Sergeant                                               Sgt. Wisecarver 925-779-6941
Corporal                                                Cpl. Pfeiffer 925-779-6909
Violent Crime Det. Allendorph 925-779-6933
Violent Crime Det. Bledsoe 925-779-6884
Violent Crime Det. Colley 925-779-6922
Violent Crime Det. Gonzalez 925-779-6923
Violent Crime Det. Kidd 925-779-6940
Violent Crime Det. Miller 925-779-6894
Violent Crime Det. Perkinson 925-779-6932
Violent Crime Det. Rose 925-779-6930
Violent Crime Det. Vanderpool 925-779-6988
Special Response Unit Det. Brogdon 925-779-6895
Special Response Unit Det. Evans 925-779-6937
Special Response Unit Det. Hoffman 925-779-6931
Special Response Unit Det. Magana 925-779-6943
Property Crimes Det. Smith 925-779-6876
Property Crimes Det. Geis 925-779-6866
Evidence/CSI/CCW/Taxi Det. Krenz 925-779-6979
Evidence /Property/CSI CSO Chalk 925-779-6979
Evidence /Property/CSI CSO Moore 925-779-6979
Property and Narcotics Secretary     925-779-6925
Crimes Against Persons Secretary     925-779-6926