Reserve Officer Unit

Reserve officers are volunteers who serve without pay. They wear a police uniform and carry the same equipment as a full-time officer. When they are on duty, reserves have the same police powers as full-time officers. The City provides them with their equipment, uniform and uniform cleaning.

Reserve officers receive monthly training that includes updating personnel on new laws, procedures, defensive tactics and firearms instruction. Reserves are required to work at least 20 service hours each month, and must pass a 200 hour (Level II) and a 400hour (Level I) Field Training Program within one year of being hired.
Reserves will normally work with a full-time officer, performing regular patrol duties. Reserves are also utilized during special events, such as high school sporting events, school dances, holiday directed enforcement details and parades. For these types of events the reserves may be compensated at an hourly rate paid by the sponsor.

To become a level I or II reserve police officer with the Antioch Police Department you must complete a POST certified Basic Police Academy or a POST certified Module I, II and III Training course. The City of Antioch is not currently accepting any Level III reserves.

If you are interested in becoming an Antioch Police Department Reserve Officer or if you have questions about the reserve program; please contact 779-6973.

Please check the City of Antioch’s web page for upcoming Reserve Police Officer opportunities.