Police Department
RV Permit System

Recreational Vehicle Permit
City of Antioch 72-Hour Permit

Prohibition. No person shall park any recreational vehicle, as defined, on any street in any residential district except when such recreational vehicle is being actively loaded, unloaded, cleaned or repaired, and then for a period not to exceed 24 hours.

Exception Permit. An exception to the prohibition in this Section may be made when and if the recreational vehicle owner or operator obtains from the Police Department a permit for temporary parking. Such permits shall be issued at no cost upon request and shall authorize the parking of the recreational vehicle for a period not to exceed 72 hours from the time that the permit is obtained. The permit shall be displayed prominently on the recreational vehicle. The Police Department may issue up to four such temporary parking permits per residential address in any calendar year, but the permits shall not be issued for concurrent hours of parking. At least 72 hours shall elapse between the issuance of permits.

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 - This is only for the City of Antioch -