Amber Alert Information


In order to provide the best possible chance for the safe recovery of abducted children and the apprehension of child abduction suspects, the State of California has adopted the AMBER Alert System. The Antioch Police Department is an active participant in the Amber Alert System.

AMBER Alert – America’s Missing Broadcast Emergency Response Alert, is a statewide program designed to facilitate immediate emergency responses to child abduction cases by alerting all California law enforcement agencies, the California Department of Transportation and media outlets.

Why "Amber"

In 1996, 9-year old Amber Hagerman disappeared from her Arlington, Texas neighborhood while riding her bicycle. A neighbor was able to give some details of the car involved, but no system was in place to get that information to local residents quickly. Tragically, Amber's body was found four days later.

Hoping to prevent such tragedy from happening again, outraged area residents suggested that the media relay kidnapping information the same way severe weather warnings are issued by using emergency system broadcasts across numerous media outlets. Thus, the "Amber Alert Plan" was born.

How it works

Immediately after a child has been kidnapped and is considered endangered, law enforcement officers launch an Amber Alert by informing broadcast media of critical details, including a description of the suspect(s) and their vehicle.

Radio and TV stations use the Emergency Alert System to interrupt their programming with the emergency information.

As a result, millions of people can be on the lookout almost immediately for the kidnapper's vehicle and the child. Across the country, Amber Alert Plans are credited with helping safely recover children.