Common Code Violations

Code Enforcement Blighted and unmaintained properties 

Hazardous and overgrown vegetation 

Unsecured vacant buildings 

Building Code violations (building, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, etc.), including construction without permits

Visible storage of junk and debris in the front of private properties

Disruptive and illegal businesses in neighborhoods 

Overflowing garbage containers

Lack of garbage service

Inoperable or abandoned vehicles on private property

Vehicles parked on an unimproved surface

Illegal dumping of garbage on private property

Graffiti on private property

Substandard housing conditions

Encroachment of the public right-of-way(sidewalks, streets, alleys)

Issues that are NOT code violations:

Civil disputes between private parties 


Personal grievances

Violations Reported to other City Departments and Agencies

Complaints that are not directly related to the ordinances we enforce can be reported to other City Departments and county or state agencies.

Trash & illegal dumping on streets, sidewalks, alleys and public property and lack of garbage service

Republic Services (925)685-4711


Parking violations and abandoned vehicles on the street

Antioch Police Department (925)779-6981


Graffiti on public property


Abandoned Shopping Carts

Streetlight Outage

Antioch Public Works (925)779-6950


Broken Irrigation in medians or parks

Antioch Public Works (925)779-6950


Mosquito and Vector Control

Contra Costa Mosquito and Vector Control District (925)685-9301

Fire Hazards

Contra Costa Fire Protection District (925)941-3324

All animal related issues

Animal Services (925)779-6989