Administrative Fees & Fines

Notice of Violation (NOV)

No fees or fines are billed to the property owner for receiving a Notice of Violation. However, failure to correct the violation by the date noted on the NOV can result in future citations and inspections fees:


1st Citation - $100 per violation
2nd Citation - $500 per violation
3rd Citation - $1,000 per violation

Re-Inspection Fee

$200 is billed to the property owner each time an inspection is conducted after the correction date on the NOV or when subsequent citations are issued.

Late payment fee – 10% of the administrated fees

Abatement Cost

If a property owner fails to correct a violation and the City is compelled to correct the violation by abatement, the property owner will be billed for the cost of the abatement plus 35% or $250 (whichever is greater).

Failure to Pay Fines

The City will collect any unpaid fine or fee charges by use of all available legal means, including but not limited to, collections, judgments, and special assessment liens on the property.